Do you see a black background?

These freebies are made and given out to my subsribers only!!
The Terms Of Use state: YOU MAT NOT offer any of my designs on any web page for download or send them through an internet list or include them in any des
ign/graphic collection on the internet or otherwise.
If you are a freebie share site. Please read the above Terms Of Use.

If you do not see a black background... follow the directions bellow!
Tomorrow I will start giving some of the freebies away. I will start with the photo mask below and I will post directions on how to use it. So make sure you check back early. This is why I need you to follow the directions below for clearing out your browser cache. I need you to be able to read the directions. =)
This is my husband's niece and her newly acquired husband. I did not take this image, just adjusted some of the processing at her request.

Here is Sharon and Vaughan....


oh shucks, I spelled his name wrong. (sorry Vaughan)

With my new blog set-up. Some people are not seeing the black background.
You should see a black background!!
If you do not... you probably need to clean out the cache on your browser.
Here are some directions:

Internet Explorer 8

  1. From the Safety menu, click Delete Browsing History... .

  2. Check Temporary Internet files and History, and then click Delete.

Internet Explorer 7

  1. From the Tools menu, select Internet Options... .

  2. Choose the General tab.

  3. Under Browsing history, click Delete... .

  4. Next to "Temporary Internet Files", click Delete files... .

  5. Click Close, and then click OK to exit.

Firefox 3 for Windows

From the Tools menu, select Clear Private Data, and then check Cache. Click Clear Private Data Now.


  1. From the Safari menu, select Empty Cache... .

  2. When prompted, click Empty to confirm that you want to empty the cache.

Firefox 3 for Mac OS X

  1. In Firefox, from the Tools menu, select Clear Private Data.

  2. Make sure Cache is checked, and then click Clear Private Data Now.
Please leave me a comment if you follow the directions and the black background still does not show. You may need to close your browser and reopen after clearing.
Hopefully this solves all of our problems and we can go forward with the freebies!!

See you tomorrow.


Sunny Archibald said…
Yes, I see a black background. But, then, I keep a clean computer and use Firefox! :-)
Elaine said…
I don't see a black background.
Kim said…
Kimi, the new setup looks awesome. I see the black background but I haven't had problems with your blog since you started posting the changes. Love the photo mask frame. Can't wait to your freebies.
kimi kreations said…
Elaine... go and follow the directions posted on the blog.
kimi kreations said…
Sunny.. I use Firefox also. I can't imagine using anything else!! Love it!
Elaine said…
Kimi, I followed instructions and still do not see the black background. Never had a problem before with your blog site. I am using Explorer 8.0. I even shut down and restarted.
Elaine said…
PS, I don't think that is the problem as I clean out my temp files daily.
kimi kreations said…
Elaine... or you using IE?
Firefox seems to work fine but IE seems to have the bump.
GreatToBeGrammy said…
I see the black background with my Firefox also! It looks great!

I've been checking for the paper and frame files you gave the sneak peek for a while back. Can't wait to get them! I love your work and am excited that you are willing to share such great helps with us.
kimi kreations said…
After digging around... it seems to be an IE XP issue. If you are using Vista. It seems to be fine.

I will keep looking. In the meantime... thing about moving over to Firefox. Most of the viruses and worms are written for IE. Firefox is much safer!!!
Do you mean the black floral background or is it supposed to be solid black?
Elaine said…
I am using Vista. IE 8.0.
Elaine said…
Also on the blog home page, instructions are hidden. Have to hold the mouse key down and move for instructions to show.
kimi kreations said…
yes, it is a floral black background.

You will not see the words if you can't get the background to show. The words are white because the background is black. It you don't see the black background you can't see the words. :(
kimi kreations said…
Bear with me... I am trying some changes. It may take a while.
Elaine said…
I now can see black.
Elaine said…
10:43 PM. Just went back in and the black background went back to white.
Joanie said…
I'm using Firefox... I could see your background a few days ago when I was helping you and when you made your last post. But even after following your directions I still can't see the black background.
Joanie said…
I kept reading comments... I use Vista and Firefox (like you can't imagine using anything else)... but no background.
kimi kreations said…
I am off to bed. I think I have it back to where it was before I tried to fix it. ARK!!!

When I look using Firefox, I can see the black floral background now. If I look using IE, I still get a white background. :(

I have tried going into customizing and black is picked as my background color. This way it should still be readable in IE but it won't show black. I give up for the night. Will try again tomorrow.

Jodie said…
When I view your blog with IE XP I get a white background and with the same computer but Firefox it is black. I know you know this, but just letting you know it is IE XP on my end too.
Swr4him said…
Kim, it is lovely -
Kathy Burt said…
I have Vista and IE7 and i can not see black. on my Iphone I see the black. I followed the directions and nothing changes. I can read by highlighting!
Elaine said…
Strange that I saw it briefly and then it went back to a white background. I am confused by the floral black background. When I briefly saw the black background, it was solid black. Are you talking about the frame around the wedding photo?
Bayla said…
No problems viewing it in Firefox, but with IE7 (and XP) all I see is the white BG, despite clearing the cache, & rebooting the computer:-(
GT Cindy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
GT Cindy said…
Yes, Kimi's blog has been saved. I orginally thought I could only see white, I followed the IE7 directions, still white. But once I left the blog and came back in, ta, da, BLACK floral background. What a relief, the stress that I wouldn't be able to read or see your blog had me freakin'. Just curious why did this happen? Glad kimikreations is back!
kimi kreations said…
I think we are back on track everyone!

Freebie to follow after my shower. Hang tight!! =)
Catherine said…
Looks great Kimi. You are amzing to have figured this all out.

BeeKay said…
I see a black background using Internet Explorer 8. This is the first time I have seen the black background. Even yesterday it was still white. I good now though.

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