FREE Photo Editing class is offering a free photo editing class.
Registration ends today.

Here is what she will be teaching...
"Curious how to use the digital goodies you’ve collected? Or how about creating scuffy, worn edges or rounded corners on your photos? Dying to know to add swirly borders to your pictures like you see in magazines and advertisements? I'll show you how easy it is to add beautiful accents to enhance your digital photos, as well as how to add special photography effects using Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.
In this brand-new class, Jessica will show you dozens of awesome techniques you can use to add effects to your photos, including:

* Brushes
* Frames
* Masks
* Textures
* Blending modes
* Filters
* and more!

You will love learning how to add beautiful frames, brushes, and edges to your photos, and giving them specific looks: dreamy, vintage, cross-processed, soft light, and LOTS MORE. You're in for the educational experience that only has to offer: screencast video, a private gallery to post your work, a forum to answer your questions, daily emails from Jessica, and a GORGEOUS free kit courtesy of our friends at House of 3."

Here is the direct link to register for the class. Free Photo Editing class
Scuffy worn edges and swirly borders?? Heck I'm there! Hope you will be too.



Barbara said…
thanks Kim, I joined.
Jana said…
Definitely will see you in class Kimi!
Quinceyface said…
I joined too. By the way I left a comment in the Try Something new entry from Dec 4,2007. Can you read it and help me out please. Thanks for sharing your very creative talent. Deanna
Quinceyface said…
PS: If you click on Quinceyface it will go to my profile page and my Email contact is in the left sidebar. Thanks again. Deanna
kimi kreations said…
Deanna if you come back and check. I left you remarks for both of your comments. :)
Denise Olson said…
I'm there.....Jessica always has a tidbit that I have not yet pondered!!!
Jonni said…
Hey sweetie! Thanks for the heads up. I have taken a couple of classes over at JS that I have really enjoyed and luckily I was able to get in still (today is Monday). Can't wait for class to start and I'll see you over there Kimi. Thanks again. :)


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