Ghostbones textures..... reborn!!

My daughter Kristen and her boyfriend Dustin with 3 Ghostbones textures added. :-)


OMG.... I swear I almost peed in my pants!!
Ghostbones has resurfaced as Skeletal Mess on Flicker. Along with his amazing images he is still offering all of his fantastic textures for free. You will find the links to his textures on his site. His first set has 102 textures. So RUN don't walk and download them NOW!
And this part is very important.... Leave him some love and thank you's!

When you add one of the textures over your image, try overlay and softlight. Those are the blend modes I tend to get the best effects with. Remember to lower your opacity to taste. To keep your texture color over a face but not have the texture effect; here is a trick for you. Take your lasso tool and draw a selection around the face area. Give it a good feather, then go to blur, gas blur and magically your color stays in tact but you loose the grunginess on the face area. I have loads and loads of textures. Plenty that I have paid for but I always find myself going back to Ghostbones folder.

Ghostbones... we love ya!! Thanks for all the awsome textures and I am so glad to see you are happy and well.
We missed ya!!

Happy Friday Everyone.

Edit: let me add how to download for those that don't know. Click on an image that you like. Look on top of the image and click on "All Sizes". Pick your size and select the download image link on top of the image.
I usually download to my desktop then open my texture folder and drag them in. Yes, you have to do them one at a time.


BeeKay said…
Thanks, Kimi! Among other reasons (to numerous to mention :) this is why I LOVE your blog.
Anonymous said…
Apparently, I'm clueless as to how to download these... They sure are pretty!
kimi kreations said…
I went back and added download directions. :)
Elaine said…
Thank you so much Kimi. I love them and am so glad to be subscribed to your blog. I would have missed these great textures.
brooke said…
Thank you so much for finding ghostbones textures on Flickr for us. I had downloaded some a while back and forgotten about them. I LOVE your blog and all your photo goodness. Blessings....Brooke
Joanie said…
Kimi, Kimi, Kimi... thank you so much for ferreting out ghostbones again! I'm so glad he is back.
Great photo.
mljrbg said…
Thanks Kimi for the great link and download directions!!
Jana said…
Wow! TFS Kimi! I'll run, not walk on over! Thanks for your tip on easing the textures on faces!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for pointing out these textures and explaining how to download them. I've downloaded a few and will be trying them out soon. Thanks for sharing.
YayaOrchid said…
My only question is which size to d/l? Which is the best to use s,m,l or original?
kimi kreations said…
I always download the original size which is the largest but if computer space is an issue, you can go with the large. Textures don't have to be sharp.
YayaOrchid said…
Kimi, thank you so much for such a quick reply. I had posted it back on the JS site, but it showed you offline, so I came here with the ? again. Sorry to be such a pain.

Thank you for having such a great site and making it accessible to newbies like me. :)
Elaine said…
Kimi, check out this youtube tutorial about another way to lose texture on skin and yet keep the color, very good.

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