Rotate an image!

A very simple method of making your image work in a scrap page or flipping it to coordinate in a photo book, is to rotate the image. I have to admit... I rotate all of the time.
Not just images but paper, overlay, frames, etc. I use this to my advantage, to make it work. If you have never rotated? Well my friend, it is time to give it a try.
In Photoshop CS3 you can Crtl T to get your free-transform box, right click and all of you options are there. You can also go to, Image, rotate canvas. In Elements you will need to go to Image, rotate. There you can choose to rotate your entire canvas or just an individual layer.

So I had the pleasure of watching Grace for a few hours yesterday while her parents went out to supper.
This is one of the images I took of her in their pool. She is such a cutie!! :)

the right way

I need an image that has the theme "summertime" for our next camera club meeting. I may use this one. So I flipped it to see what it looked like if she was not upside down. Normally when I rotate an image it really makes no big difference. But to me... the upside down version does not look like her at all. I would go as far as saying that if someone showed it to me, I would not think it was Grace. Take a look and tell me what you think? I did nothing to the image, promise. No face manipulation, no color changes. The exact same image flipped vertical.


On a separate note: I am almost finish with my blog upgrade. I am happy with the background paper I made. I love the new stretch template and the bigger images. I have posted the new header I made. A friend made the comment that it looks kind of Christmasy. Now that is all I see when I look at it. LOL! So watch for a few more changes to come. I do hope you like the new layout?
Do you find the font to small?

Sorry if you got the feed twice. Some subscribers are not receiving the feeds. Looks like a FeedBlitz issue. :(
Happy Weekend everyone!!


Sunny Archibald said…
Love the new layout. I don't think it looks Christmasy.
Jeanann said…
i like the top image better
Bayla said…
I subscribe but clicking on the link in the emails (I got it twice) didn't get me here, just to a 'page not found' error message. Tried in IE and Firefox.

I prefer the second image, and love the new look to your blog....not a bit Xmassy.
kimi kreations said…
Bayla... I got an e-mail from FeedBlitz saying some of the e-mails going out were garbled. They must be having problems. I was also told that some had not been receiving the e-mails at all. So when I sent out my feed today. I didn't even get it.
I re-sent it and got it the second time. I am so sorry to the ones who received it twice. I certainly don't want to start being seen as spam. LOL!

I have a freebie pack that I want to give out but I am only going to leave the link up for 24 hours. I kinda want to know that things are working like they should.

Glad you like the new look!
Angela Lee said…
I like the top image. the bottom one is different to me. I love the new look of your blog. Thanks for the tip on rotating, I don't do that near as much as I should.
BeeKay said…
I love the new look, and Grace, as always is a most wonderful subject. Just FYI, I got two e-mails but could not get to the blog from eithr of them.
~Kristie~ said…
It came out great! Thanks for watching her. She had to teach me how to use the pick (sp?) you gave her.
smiles aka Shari said…
Kimi, I love your new LO! I can read the print is easy to read for me.
Jonni said…
Love the header and the whole design. The font size looks great too.

Gorgeous pictures of Grace and I have to admit I am a rotater too (lol)! Love it and it makes such a difference. I forgot to ask, did Grace win that cute kid contest she was in a few months ago? She is sooo adorable.


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