Sketch Technique

This week on kimi's Kreative homework #63 we work a sketch technique provided by our friend Anita.
Here is one of my plays.

kimi homework #63

Here are the directions:
Ctrl J to copy.
Ctrl+Shift+U to remove color.
Ctrl J to copy the black and white layer. On this layer Ctrl I to invert.
Change the blend mode on inverted layer to Color Dodge.
Go to Filter, Other, Minimum. I used 4 pixels or so.

Now go back to original layer( the one with color).
Ctrl J to copy.
Drag that layer to the top and reduce the opacity.
Merge the top three layers so you're left with two layers.
Ctrl J to copy.
Go to Filter, Artistic, Poster Edges.
Play with the opacity until you get something you like.

Do check out the homework thread for images and extra tidbits that people have added.
Give it a try, post an image on your blog and add a link in the comment thread. :-)

Happy Tuesday!


cloverstar said…
I really like this technique, but I am confused at this part:
"Go to Filter, Other, Minimum. I used 4 pixels or so."
... would this be the high pass filter - I am not sure.
kimi kreations said…
Hi cloverstar....

minimum is in there with high pass. After you change your blend mode your image becomes solid white. When you apply the minimum filter it shows the outline of your image. then you can adjust to your liking.

You are in the right place. just look around and you will see the word minimum.

let me know if you are still stuck and I will help. :)
Jonni said…
Awesome technique. It really does look just like a sketch! Can't wait to try it. I have been so busy getting ready for China lately and I miss photography and Photoshop so much. I have to get back down to business. :)

jenbme said…
Thanks! I tried it out the other day and I really like the technique. ~Jen
BSE said…
Wow!! Just tried out this tutorial. Love the look. Thanks for sharing.
Delfina said…
Wow, I love what you did.

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