Great Texture Video!!

Thanks to Elaine over at the JS site for finding this really great video on smoothing texture over skin.
Take a watch.... If you find it taking too long to start. Click here!
And here is a link to a set of mighty cool textures! Remember to leave her a thank you.

Happy Monday!!


Elaine said…
Kimi, I am so glad you liked it. It does work with elements also.
Jana said…
So many little time! This was fascinating, especially when he used the reference point/color. Wow! TFS Elaine & Kimi!
Barbara said…
Thanks Kim, I am not sure I understood the reference point will have to go back and watch again. That was interesting the way he did it. Thanks again for another great tut.
That was awesome! Thanks Kimi!
SusanD said…

Thank you for the link to the awesome textures!

I am following texture tuts carefully because I love them, but just gotta learn to use them well.

Thanks for all you do to further our learning!

Heather said…
Thanks for the heads up, Kimi! I'll be using this A LOT!
Jack said…
Great video - I learned so much!
KIM said…
Thanks for the link to the tut, and the downloads. The video was very cool.

Joanie said…
Wow, Kimi, thank you for pointing this out! I love it!
smiles aka Shari said…
Great Video, Kimi! Thanks so much for the links and your time!
Ann said…
Me too I love texture. Good blog topic.
Michele in La said…

Thanks to both you and Elaine. I hadn't seen her comment on the JS site. There are so many posts that I can't keep up with them right now - too many summer activities with the kids! This was truly a great video...

enjoying your photos also

p.s. So glad to see someone else from Louisiana :)

try to stay cool!
Michele in La
dodo said…
GREAT video. Thanks for sharing. Loved it. Very helpful.
belle said…
Thanks for the link to the great texture tutorial!
LindaJay said…
Great video, thanks Kimi.

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