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kimi's Kreative homework #68
Show us your work!!
Today we are going to go over making a clear watermark for your images. Not a brush but a PNG file saved to add to your images when ever you want to. =)
Create a new document. Ctrl N Make it 5x7 inches with a resolution of 300.
Fill your background layer with a medium red or light yellow color.
You can use the paint bucket and click on your layer or use the keyboard shortcut Alt backspace.
Pick a different color for you type.
A font I like for this effect. Traveling Typewriter But you can use anything.
Select your type tool and pick a font.
Let's start with typing the copyright symbol.
Hold down the Alt key and type 0169. Let go of the Alt key and magic, you have your symbol. If you find nothing happened, change to another font. Not all fonts have the copyright symbol.
If you are working on a laptop; hold down the Function and the Alt key and type MJO9. (the letter O)
Now continue by typing your name.
Click on your type layer to commit your type.
Hit Ctrl T to bring up free transform. Click on a corner and drag to make your type bigger.
Depending on what software you have you may need to hold down the shift key while you drag to constrain the proportions. Click Enter to commit the transform or you can double click inside the box or you can click the check mark in the top of the tool bar. (so many options)
Next you need to add a few layer styles. You want to add a bevel and a drop shadow.
Now I am going to assume if you have Photoshop you know how to do this and just talk to the Elements people. If not come and find me on the forum.
In Elements you will want to open your Artworks and Effects palette.
Look on the top of the tool bar and click on the word Window. Make sure Artworks and Effect is checked. Your palette should show up on the right side with your other palettes. Under Layer Styles choose Bevel and double click on Simple Inner. Now go back and choose Drop Shadows and double click the Low one. Take a look at your type layer now. You will see it has a small (f) or sunburst added to the layer. Double click on this to adjust your layer styles. Bring your bevel down to around 5 and your drop shadow settings are going to be Size 2, Distance 0, Opacity 3.
Now comes the fun part. Open the layer styles again and Choose Visibility. Double click on the one that says hide. Cool huh??
Turn off the eye on your background layer so it becomes transparent. Select your crop tool and make sure No Restrictions is picked in the top tool bar. Crop around your type. Go to file and choose Save As. Name your new file Watermark and choose PNG for the format type in the drop down box. Choose None when the Options box pops up. That is it! Now you can open it, drag it onto another document and use Ctrl T to resize it to fit. You can do this over and over. ;-)

To make it where you can see more than one document at a time. You want to work in Cascade mode. Go back and click on the word Windows at the top one more time. Choose Images, Cascade. You can also use your F key to scroll thru your modes.
Click on the blue bar on the top of your document and you can move it around the screen. You can actually click on a layer and drag that layer into the other document.
Easy Peazy!!

If you have Photoshop, you don't get the eazy button. Come on over to kimi's Kreative homework #68 and I will post the directions for you.

No image today but if you look at the last few I have been posting. They all have the watermark. No image is safe on the internet, it is smart to protect yourself. This is a good looking watermark that does not take away from your image.
Oh and I found this really cool font while digging around, Angelic War Font looks like a must have to me!

Happy Thursday!!


MKC said…
Thanks for showing us how to do this! I've wanted to know this for awhile now and was easily able to follow along. Thank you!
kimi kreations said…
You are very welcome. :)
kimB said…
Thanks for the simple instructions, Kimi -- I've tried making my own by playing with various artistic effects, but wasn't satisfied with any of my attempts :)

I tried my new watermark on a recent photo and really like it!

Thanks again - kimB
Christine said…
OH WOW!! I've finally been able to make myself a watermark! Your tutorial is very easy to follow. Thank you so much!
Rosie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rosie said…
Kimi...Thank you. It was easy. I'm new to Photoshop and had a little speed bump with the drop shadow and bevel. After a little searching, I found that to be easy too. Your instructions worked well. Many thanks.
Shirley said…
Thanks for the instructions for a watermark. I made one and used it on some photos that my husband's company wanted for their newsletter.

I downloaded the typewriter font and to my surprise it comes from the West German Typewriter I used all through college (back in the dark ages). It has been fun to use it on the coputer!
Anonymous said…
Excellent instructions, thanks. Oh, and I don't want to sound picky, but its "Copyright" as in "the right to copy", not "copywrite". :-)
kimi kreations said…
do you know... I write that wrong all of the time. Thanks for catching it. :)

I think I fixed them all.
Darlene said…
Thanks so much for sharing. Your instructions are excellent. I appreciate it.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the clear watermark tutorial. Going out and see if I can shoot anything worht protecting.

If I do, it'll show up in PCEC.

Once again, thanks, you're the best.


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