Grace as black & white ART

Gosh.... no I haven't forgotten about y'all. =)
I have been busy working on things for the shop.

Our Camera Club is participating in an Art Walk here in town and I went with Grace and took this image today.
I knew what I had in mind and I think it worked out well.
I saw an image on Michelle Blacks blog and was trying to go for the same effect.
The Phaunt Forum is having an "Out of the box" contest this month, they are encouraging us to go out and look at other Photographers work, to get inspired. I was!!
Yes, parts of her face and arm are blown out. But in ART there are no rules. LOL!
I am going to print it tomorrow to see how bad the blown out areas look.
I kind think it lends itself to the feeling of the image.
Edit: my friend Sunny called it (sun-kissed) I think that is a lovely term. :)
I was really trying to achieve something that would evoke emotion.

So take a look and give my some feedback.
Is it good enough for an Art Walk image?


{hugs everyone}


YayaOrchid said…
I love it! The dark shadows cast a surreal look. Grace looks fabulous as usual.
Lisa said…
Wonderful photo! On my screen the blown out parts don't look too bad. I think they add to the effect, and emphasize the sun shining on her.

I think it's a great Art Walk image!
Denise Olson said…
Composition is cool....however, having just been through a series of print is what I'm seeing....
1. straighten the horizon line a tad bit
2. the square crop is cool, but I would go with a 16x20 ratio making Grace in the lower 1/3 of the photo....
otherwise, I love how the highlights hit her a sweet, arch angel like appearance (love those black wings and cowboy boats)....

kimi kreations said…
I can straighten but my frame is square so I need the square crop. They will not be judged. It is just a way to promote the club. But you know me. I don't want to put in the everyday image. If I go with this one. It will be #2. I still need a 3rd and time is running out. ARK!
Thanks for the feedback Hon!!
Sunny Archibald said…
Nice, Kimi. Love the wings. Like Denise said, I'd straighten it a little.
middleagedmom said…
Wow! That's amazing! I love the "moodiness" of the photo.
Grace is adorable!
Barbara said…
I don't think the blowouts are bad at all. They are what they are sun shining on her face and you can't afford the intentional. I do agree with the tilt and that was a good call. Good luck on your Art Walk. We have a Camera Club just starting and i hope it really gets off the ground.
Christine said…
definitely worthy! love it!
Elizabeth said…
Kimi, I think it is great. Of course, you have the perfect model. The highlights, as described by your friend, are truly sun-kissed. The darker shadows enhance the lights.

I love seeing your work and it is definitely an Art Walk selection.
Jeana said…
Very pretty, I like the colors, kind of tired of pink and white angel photographs.
Jonni said…

What a beautiful image of Grace. When did she become so grown-up? Goodness, her parents better get a shotgun to keep those boys away (lol). Nice job Kimi.


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