Lets talk about using a Reader.

If you already have a reader. Please disregard most of this post. LOL!

Let me say before I ramble on, these are all my own personal opinions.
First, you should be using Firefox!!! Download Firefox here.
It will import all of you bookmarks from Internet Explorer.
Firefox will let you turn on color management so the images you post and the images you see are more true to life.
To set up color management in Firefox:
FireFox 3 can be colour managed. In other words, it can be made to recognize the different color spaces, i.e: sRGB and AdobeRGB and display them correctly. To set it for color management, in the address bar type about:config and hit enter. This will bring up a host of options that can be set manually. Scroll down to gfx.color_management.enabled. By default it is disabled. To enable it, simply double click it and restart FireFox.
Now you get some kind of dire warning box when you go to make the change. Don't worry. You will be fine.

Once you have Firefox downloaded and your color management turned on lets set up your tabs.
I am going to show you mine. Click here. You can see my Google Reader is set to open automatically in my tabs. I circled it in red.
To add a new tab, go to File, New Tab. Think of the sites you go to the most and do this until you have a tab for all of them.
Unless you add them to your READER. =)

So let's give it a try. Go to file and open a new tab.
Come back here and click on the Post button where is says "Subscribe to reader".
Choose Google. You will need to go through the set up process.
You should now have your Google Reader set on a tab with my blog showing.
Here is a link to what my reader looked like today. Click here.
Those are some of the blogs and sites that I follow. When they have a new post it shows in the reader, after reading the post, I click on the "Mark as read" button and it goes away. You can add to or delete any time you like.
So any site that has a button that says RSS is letting you subscribe through a reader.

Ok, you still with me?
Let's say you have two forums open on a separate tab and your Reader on a tab.
Let's set that up.
Go to Tool, Options and click on the "Main menu".
The first thing it says is STARTUP. Where it says, When Firefox starts choose (My Home Page).
Click on the button that says, Use Current Pages. This will open all of your tabs every time you start Firefox.

That is it! Let me know if you have questions? I will be happy to help.
If you want your tabs in a certain order you can drag them from place to place.
If you have internet e-mail, add a tab for that also.

You don't want to have a reader that you never see. So your reader should be on a tab that opens ever time you open the internet.
If after all of my screaming about how you should use Firefox, you are still using IE. You can do the exact same thing except you don't get the correct color because it offers no color management.
So let me know how you did?


Sunny left a comment about the latest version of Firefox and color management.
You can read it here.


Mer/Marie said…
Thanks for this, Kimi. I like your explanation much better than many others I've seen. I'll try to set it up later today or tomorrow. Thanks again for ALL you do.
Sunny Archibald said…
Kimi - Firefox 3.5.2 has changed things up a bit. Here's a link to an explanation of the new settings: https://developer.mozilla.org/En/ICC_color_correction_in_Firefox


PS - thanks for checking out my 12 of 12.
Jodie said…
I'm a little confused, I followed the below and chose #1 (right?):
Color correction can be controlled by setting the value of the gfx.color_management.mode preference, as follows:
Value Description
0 Color management disabled.
1 Full color management.
2 Color management applied only to tagged images.
Full color management means that everything rendered by Firefox, with the exception of plugins, has its colors corrected.
Jodie said…
I just checked and I have Mozilla version 3.5.3
kimi kreations said…
Jodie, the new Firefox download is different and I didn't realize. But yes, I have full color management applied on mine. =)
You know you don't want disabled.
And #2 is only for tagged images and we want to see all images in the correct color.
So #1 would be the Perfect choice.
Kristina said…
thank you for the tutorial and sharing so much info for us!!! i have to mark it to myself to read carefully later!
Jeana said…
Thanks for the information.....very helpful.

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