The Shop is coming!!

I have been busy working on Christmas card templates and paper packages.
I am in the process of opening a small shop that will cater to limited commercial/personal use products.
It will be strictly off my blog and the links will be sent to you directly within a 24 hour time frame.
All freebies will now be given away at "The Shop"
So take a sneak peak and be one of the first to subscribe by e-mail or to your reader.
You do have a reader don't you? It is such fun! Mine is with Google.

I will admit, it is not much to look at yet but the first thing to go up will be a freebie.
Hope to see you as a subscriber soon. All freebie links will remain up for only 24 hours.
So subscribers will rule!! =)

Here is a peak at the front of one of the cards. I would love some feedback!
Does this appeal to you?


All cards will be in a 5x7 format with a resolution of 300 dpi.
Most will come in a png format for those that want to just pop in a photo and the PSD file.
I am going to try and keep it so you can buy only one card if that is all you need and not the entire package.
The card should run about $12.00
I know that it will be mostly professional photographers that are interested, for client use but I do hope my regulars will find something they like from time to time. ;)
kimi kreations "The Shop"


oh and yes, the birth announcement template will be sold. :-)
As per all the request... I will post tomorrow about how to set up a reader.


Anonymous said…
This is lovely :-)Sue
Anonymous said…
So excited for you! Relma in BR
michelle said…
this card is amazing! I love the texture and the vintage feel. LOVE IT!
Moe said…
I will buy this! It is beautiful!
Barbara said…
I think it is perfect and love the paper.
Jonni said…
So awesome Kimi! You go girl! Can't wait. :)

Barb B. said…
I love the look of this card. The colors don't scream Christmas but yet are very appropriate for the holiday. For me, it's quite large but I can see many others beng fine with this. Wonderful work, can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.
Sunny Archibald said…
I like it, Kimi. Congrats on your new shop.
jillconyers said…
Congrats on the new shop! Good luck with your new endeavor :)
Elaine said…
You nailed it Kimi, it is everything that I love. Congratulations and You Go Girl!

Christine said…
i like the vintage-y feel. congrats on the shop!
luvtknpics said…
I love it! Beautiful!
kelly said…
Oh, love this card! I would buy it! THANK YOU for offering cards individually so we can pick and choose our favorites!
Deb P. said…
Awesome Kimi! Love the card. I went straight-way and setup to receive email notices! Thanks!!!!!

Deb P
Anonymous said…
Well done for organizing a shop. I really enjoy your website as I am learning so much. Keep up the good work. It's really helpful for a senior citizen like me to learn from your step by step tutorials. Where would I be without you :)
Rosie said…
I love this card. Beautiful and not the typical cheesy Christmas card. I'm glad you are offering one card purchases, since I'm definitely not a professional. Can't wait to see "The Shop"
Catherine said…
Congratulations have come along way baby.
Your fan,
Catherine "Cutler"
You rock! Thanks for sharing with us!
LeLe said…
LOVE IT!! Oooo I can't wait!!
Anonymous said…
gorgeous love it
Kelly Mills said…
I like this very, very much. But just for a different look, would you consider changing the black from to a dark brown frame instead? I think it could give it a really nice look. BUT Yes, yes, yes... I would totally buy this card. For sure. you know how much I love your work...
Tina said…
I love the card, Kimi. It is beautiful. Can't wait to check out your store!!!

Help me out with the whole reader thing, though. :-)

Beringaria said…
Kimi, I love the Christmas card. Although I am not a "scrapbooker" I really admire the way you do backgrounds. Looking for information I discovered your Blogs and lots of helpful suggestions. I've a lot of reading to do to catch up. Better late than never.

Thanks for sharing so much of your knowledge.

GreatToBeGrammy said…
Woo Hoo, Kimi! I just arrived back home from vacation (where no internet was available) and read your blog. I'm excited about your shop! I'll look forward to seeing more of your work there. I really like the card and I'm so glad you'll be selling the birth announcements as well!
PD said…
beautiful job!

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