Happy Halloween Everyone!

Hope you have a safe and happy day!

Freebie at kimi kreations The Shop Enjoy! ~kimi~
inspired by Skeletal Mess


GreatToBeGrammy said…
Great photo, Kimi!
Tim and Kara said…
Great shot, and thanks for the freebie!
Janna said…
Thank you for the freebie. I have to ask, was the spider really on the pumpkin stem, or did you photoshop him in? Either way, I love it! Great composition!
Jonni said…

ABSOLUTELY beautiful! Thank you so much sweetie and hope you have the most wonderful Halloween too!

P.S. I love the spider!
kimi kreations said…
Janna... there was a spider on the image just not that one. Once I opened it, it did not have enough effect. So I cloned that one out and added my own. ;)

Ah... we make our own Art!
Elaine said…
Thank you Kimi, what a great shot and I look forward to using the overlay.
I did a double-take on this one. First I liked the shape of the stem. And then I saw him! Wonderful picture. Thanks.
Deb P. said…
Thanks Kimi! Love your photo! That spider is just the perfect touch for Halloween!
Janna said…
You did an awesome job on that photo. As Deb said, that spider IS the perfect touch. Brilliant!
Lauren said…
LOVE this photo!!!
Iva said…
this is awesome!!

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