Please excuse this commercial interuption.

Do you want to improve you images?
Do you like to get freebies?
Do you like to participate in Challenges?
Do you like to learn while having fun?

For those of you that have been reading my blog for a while. You could not have missed how my images have changed and grown. To be quite honest that happened after I joined The Phaunt forum. I paid the money to join the VIP section right away. Free Actions, Free Templates and more!

Well the site has changed to a totally fee based site. It is only $49 for a yearly membership or $29 for a six month membership. This month there is a $5 off code. 9CB8
If you are looking to change the way you process your images. Or maybe you are thinking of trying to book some work. You MUST join this forum.
The Free Actions and Templates are still there, but now they are for everyone.

So give yourself the gift that keeps on giving..... knowledge.
You deserve it! =)

Now as a thank you for reading my commercial.
Head on over to my Shop for a Free Texture!
kimi kreations, The Shop


smiles aka Shari said…
Thanks Kimi, I am off to check out Phaunt and your shop!
Jonni said…
Thank you sweetie and I have to second what you said, I am also a member at Phaunt Forum and just LOVE it.

Terri said…
Thank you Kimi
Anonymous said…
Does the forum offer actions for PSE users? I couldn't find information anywhere. TIA
kimi kreations said…
Hi Marcee

They do have lots of free actions but I am afraid they are just for CS. There are people there that work in PSE. It is a wonderful place to learn if you want to improve your photography skills and processing.

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