Free Scrapbooking Paper

Hi Everyone.

Thing have been frantic here. We spent the week looking on the internet and going to every store close to us so Kristen could try on wedding dresses. We thought we had plenty of time for this. But she found one she loved that was being discontinued. She had to make sure that was the one she truly wanted. Of course it was the very first one she tried on. It looked so much like her. Young, romantic and beautiful. So that sent us on a dress frenzy. Now that THE wedding dress has been ordered. She is on to bridesmaid colors. This week it is eggplant. A gorgeous dark purple with a hint of magenta in it. That is the color stuck in my head so I made a freebie paper.
It is posted at "The Shop".
I do hope you have subscribed to the shop. I have some really nice goodies planned. I will start sending out subscriber notices to just those that have subscribed there. Some people are here at the blog only to learn, I hate to bother everyone with e-mail notices. So if you visit here because you like me and my freebies. =) Subscribe at the shop or you will start missing out.

Happy Wednesday!


Chesney said…
Thanks so much, this paper is drop dead gorgeous! :)
LizC said…
Beautiful colour, thanks so much.
Kristina said…
absolutely gorgeous aristocratic paper!!!
Jeana said…
I am just loving the color of this paper. Thank you so much
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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