Shots from today.

Went out today in the cold and did some engagement shots for my daughter Kristen and her fiance Dustin. Did I mention... It was Cold!!!!! They are such a fun couple to be around. You can feel the love oozing out of them. Do you think love really oozes? I swear, it oozes! =) They are both 24 and it is so wonderful to think of the life they have ahead of them. (and of course the grandchildren I will one day be graced with) Here are two of my favorites from the day.

Marry Me


Let's talk a little about what I did in the processing.
On the top one I changed to a black and white using a gradient map. I duplicated the image, went into the filter menu under Distort and added a diffused glow. Reduced the opacity of the glow layer until it was only around 20% opacity. Added in 2 of Nicole Van's textures for effect.

On the bottom image, which I love, love, love!! It has the oozing love. =)
I changed the image to a black and white using the gradient map again. Added a copy of my color layer on top and reduced the color layers opacity until I liked the look. Then I got teary eyed and knew I was there. Added one of Nicole's textures here also. It is called.. Chic Washed.

Hope you had some Love today.

My tip again...
Do you know that you can use Ctrl + to zoom in on most web pages that you view. Try it on my blog. Ctrl - will zoom out. I do this all of the time. Some blogs fits nicely on my screen and some, I like the fonts and pictures a little larger. It works great when trying to read forums also.


Jonni said…
Hey Kimi!

LOVE these shots girl! You did such a great job and your daughter and her fiancee are so cute together. Thanks for sharing how you processed these. I really like them both, but especially #2.

Randi said…
What sweet pictures! What a gift for your daughter to have such lovely shots taken by her mother. I do believe that your love and talent ooze from you as well. :)
YayaOrchid said…
Gorgeous couple and gorgeous pictures!

BTW, he reminds me of a young Mexican actor Gael Garcia.
Barbara said…
Kim they are a lovely couple and you have captured their love.
Chesney said…
Kimi, I love both of these, they both have "young love" written all over them! My favorite is your favorite...their expressions really express what they are feeling at the moment and your processing is incredible!!
kimi kreations said…
Thanks for the comments!! When it is your child, you tend to think it is wonderful no matter what it looks like. Nice to hear I was heading in the right direction with the processing. I thought the softness of the processing added to the love I saw in the image.
Debbie H said…
I love both photos!! Your daughter is just beautiful. Looks like they are so much in love, how fantastic!! Thanks for sharing your processing as well!! Glad to see you back posting!!
Rosie said…
Well done on both pics. You can definitely feel the ooze on these.
Anonymous said…
Photo work, beautiful, as always.This young man is also fortunate to be able to vision his future bride, as they walk life's highway. You make a great template for that journey.


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