Have you tried Wordle?

Jerry at Shadowhouse Creations posted a very cool image today. It was made possible by Wordle. I made one for Kristen and Dustin. I thought we could somehow use it on their thank you cards. All you do is type all of the words you want to use, I typed them in Word. Then you copy and paste into the word area on Wordle and hit go. You can use the randomize button and keep getting different patterns. Scrappers should love this!

Click on the image to get a bigger view.
Wordle: kristen and dustin

It is such fun. Go and try it out!
Wordle can be found here

Happy Thursday.


Julie L. said…
Kimi--this is AWESOME! yep, a great tool for scrappers..I am off to try!
Rosie said…
I used it before. It's a really cool tool.
Jana said…
We did that a few classes ago at JessicaSprague.com! It's an awesome & ez tool! I've missed seeing you around JS Kimi! You have certainly taken off though with your fabulous photography! You are so creative & talented!
kimi kreations said…
Jana.... maybe you can help me figure out something with Wordle.
Looking through some of the older ones, it looks like they were able to pick which words to make large. Can you tell me how?
Angela Lee said…
Oh we posted this on the forum a year ago. this is fun, I had forgotten about it until Jerry posted it.

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