Using Photo Filters

Let's talk about using a photo filter.

You will find this feature in Elements and in Photoshop under your black and white adjustment layer icon in your layers palette. The first thing the human eye goes for in an image is the brightest spot. Normally we want this to be a face or an eye to make our images really stand out. In one of the photos I posted a while back, it had the kids holding a sign that said "Marry Me". I used a small aperture so the kids would be blurry and focused on the sign. This worked ok. But every time I looked at it, my eyes still went to their faces before the sign. So I went in and played with a couple of photo filters. I added sepia, orange and yellow, adjusting the opacity until I liked the effect. Because photo filters fall under an adjustment layer. All I had to do was mask the color off of the sign so it stayed white. I am much happier with the image. Take a look at the new version and go back a few post to look at the original. Do you see it??
Which one do you like?

On a separate note...
I have been getting loads of request for some of the items I have given as freebies in the past.
Today I have posted for sale, all of my damask papers in "The Shop".
Take a look.

Happy Mardi Gras!


Chesney said…
I like this one definitely, not only did the filters bring more attention to the sign, it warmed up the image as a whole! Simply beautiful!
Anonymous said…
I like your new one the best
Jonni said…
I like the way you used the filter. Looks really nice Kimi. You are so creative and talented. Thanks for sharing so much with us.

Jerry Jones said…
What a wonderful picture.

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