have you seen Jerry's weeds??

Jerry at Shadowhouse Creations (AKA, Ghostbones) has been posting the most wonderful weed images using his free textures.
He has also posted an in-depth tut on how he made his "Thistle" image. Certainly a must read!!

Well, it is that time of year again. The yearly dandelion hunt. I drove around a few days ago and there were none to be found close to home. Kristen was kind enough to bring me home two she found today at school. We tried taking shots while she was blowing. Between her blowing too hard and my shutter speed not being fast enough... most were bombs. But here is one before we started.
I was using my 200mm zoomed all the way out to get the most blur out of my background and the smallest aperture number the lens had to offer for the smallest depth of field. And I searched for the perfect green background so the white would have contrast. I also focused on the weed and held down my focus lock button so the focus wouldn't change while I shot on continuous. Always good to add a little planning to your images before you start. =)


A little about the processing.
I started in LR. I used Matt K. preset "vintage New York 1 on the image before opening in CS3.
Then I added two of Jerry's textures. (Ghost 5 & A Painted 2, both blend modes changed to softlight)
The texture adds such wonderful depth of field. It seems to attach itself to the background and it gives the illusion that the flower is in the foreground. Granted both of those statements are true but it did not pop like this until the textures where added.

So I bid you to go forth and search out your own dandelions!! Be inspired...
Promise to post my next try. Hopefully I can manage some action next time. Live and learn, right?
Happy Monday!


coys r us said…
Lovely job Kimi...you do such very interesting things. I only wish I were that good. Also love the Save the Date cards, very nice.Is that a brush in the upper left corner?

kimi kreations said…
Actually it is a png. image.
I have no idea where it came from. I lost a folder and ran some retrieval software. All of these wonderful png. files came up but the image name is no longer there. I felt ok using it, since I was not selling the card.

Thanks for the nice words.
Jonni said…
This is gorgeous Kimi! I have always loved the pictures of dandelions being blown and even have one on my desktop. I still love the pic you captured and the texture you used is really nice! Great job and thanks for sharing!

Jerry Jones said…
Wonderful work Kimi,
Love the wide format and rich colors.
Chesney said…
Spectacular...I can see this in a frame!
Janna said…
Your dandelion is so beautiful! I love dandelions. I know most people think they are just weeds, but my kids think they are magic. Your pic has inspired me to go out and find some dandelions and plan a photo shoot with my kids. Thanks!

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