The "Save the Date" cards.

I know... you are thinking I must have been abducted by aliens. I promise to start doing a better job of keeping up my blog.
Please forgive me?
I wanted to share the kids Save the Date card I designed. It has hit everyone in the family and Kristen said it was fine for me to share. =)

I started with a blank document in a 5x7 format.
Combined some of my textures from Jerry and created the background.
Browsed the web for inspiration and came up with this.
The Polaroid frame is the one that is for sale in my frame set at "The Shop".
The tape is mine also. I came up with most of the design on my own.
I knew we had a dark brown card so when we went out to take engagement photos, I processed the image to go with the theme of the card. I fell in love with the picture the minute I saw it. It is the oozing love image.

So here you go...



I know that sending out Save the Dates is a rather new concept. Some of the older folks really don't have a clue as to what they are. (No, I am not calling anyone older) So, I wanted to make sure I added the words "invitation to follow". Here in our town you can't submit your engagement info to the local newspaper until about 3 weeks before the wedding so this has become the new standard for letting friends and family know about the good news.

I promise to be back soon. I have big things planned!
Happy Wednesday.


Melanie said…
This is beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Oh, Thank you so much for sharing this card. You did a great job! Would you share what font you used for the D on the back? I live in a small town and nobody knows what 'save the date cards' are either! Michelle
kimi kreations said…
Hi Michelle.

The font is BickhamScript fancy2.
Not sure where I found it but I am pretty sure it was free.
Anonymous said…
It's beautiful! They are very lucky to have you [and you them].
Julie Culp said…
Beautiful! As usual Kimi your creations are beautiful and classy looking!

Julie Culp (tnjewels)
Lois Michael said…
Absolutely LOVE it.
Jonni said…
Oh Kimi, these are GORGEOUS! You are so talented and did such a lovely job on these.

Anonymous said…
Cherri said…
WOW,love your card! Great job Kimi
Chesney said…
I LOVE this...I love the idea of save the date cards, but your processing and final outcome is just pure elegance!
Anonymous said…
As usual you did an awesome job Kimi!! (I love the date also - will be my 20th anniversary!) Keep up the great work!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful! Classy! Elegant!
Relma in BR
Rosie said…
This is beautiful. Great job, Kimi.
Roberta Mckelvy said…
I am so glad to hear you will be posting on a more regular basis. I have missed you. The card is wonderful.
Anonymous said…
Kim I just love this idea!! Love how you designed the card!! I've been looking for some ornament brushes that you have on the back of the card but I can't find any like this anywhere on the web :(


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