Happy Easter!!

We had such Easter fun yesterday. Everyone came together for a big egg dye and hunt.
Kristie and Grace came over, dyed a couple of eggs and then hid the entire bunch for us to find.
We had a great time. Kristen fond the golden egg and won $5. Dustin found the most, he also cracked all but one of his eggs in the dying process. We had to laugh...
It was such fun, I can't wait to play again next year.

Here is my favorite egg.
It is done using food coloring, a damp paper towel and crumpled aluminum foil.

Here is a group shot of some of our dyed eggs. Can you find the golden egg? =)
I love this, It symbolizes our family. Dustin's, New York Yankee's egg, Holly's swirly artistic egg, Kristen's, zig zaggy egg, Mike has the Faberge look alike. Boy, did we laugh at that one. The second green one on the left front is the one Grace designed and the blue rabbit is Kristie's creation. Most of the ones that look like the one above are mine but Dustin got into my effect toward the end. I hope your day was filled with family and lots of colorful smiles.

I have two 12x12 Scrap papers to give away at "The Shop" to Celebrate the holiday. But I am off to plant flowers in the front yard so they probably won't get posted until tomorrow.
So sign up for notifications or check back. I hope everyone had a very blessed day.


GreatToBeGrammy said…
Oooo, Kimi these eggs are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the creativity!
Jonni said…
Looks like you guys had a wonderful Easter and what gorgeous eggs. Great job! We had a great Easter too.


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