I just don't get it?

A Rant for today...
OK, my life has become totally overwhelmed and engrossed with wedding details. I have spent loads of time finding wedding photographers and wedding info on blogs, then adding them to my Google reader. I then wait happily for them to post something daily. For hints of things I am forgetting to do, things I don't even know I am forgetting. Truthfully, they have been loads of help!! The internet really is a wonderful place. I read about wedding stuff (Weddings are all about stuff) and drool over some fantastic images. BUT... why the heck do so many of the high end photographers continually take engagement session images of couples with mad faces. Isn't this supposed to be the most wonderful time of their life? Scowling engagement images, what the heck am I missing here? Is this what they want to share with the family? Look back on and remember? I would love for someone to enlighten me. Maybe I am just stuck in Kristen and Dustin land. They cannot be together and not smile, it's an impossibility. Even if it meant scowling would save the world from coming to an end. They glow, they giggle, they HAVE to touch each other. Holly, the loyal sister, lovely maid of honor... makes gagging noises. =)

For today's image. I give you the lovely couple. One of the more sedate images from their engagement session. They may not be full out smiling but I dare you to say, they don't glow.


A simple way to have the same processing effect on your images.
Duplicate your image and change to a black and white.
Reduce the opacity of the black and white image until you like the muted tone.
Create a new blank layer above and fill with a soft yellow. Changing the blend mode to softlight.
Now reduce the opacity until you like the color amount.

Happy Thursday.

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Deb said…
Beautiful photo! And, for the record, I don't get it either! :)
Sunny Archibald said…
Gorgeous shot, Kimi.
Jonni said…
I'm with you kimi, I don't get it either! I love this image.

Barbara said…
This is beautiful Kim, thanks for the tip on PPing.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, they def glow, even when they're not smiling. relma
Anonymous said…
I love the look on both of their faces. Great image Kimi! Michelle
HeidiRose said…
The photo is beautiful! The whole Wedding Industry has gone insane ( we eloped)
And many thanks for the walk-through - such an easy thing to do, yet so many think they need actions to get this look!
kimi kreations said…
Heidi... I have to agree. Weddings have become very commercial. You have to be careful or the whole reason for the ceremony can get lost in the hype.
As for the processing. I am not really an action fan. I tend to like to have control. It is very easy to change up your images once you get some of the basics down. =)
Anita said…
What a beautiful couple!

May I offer unsolicited advice? I planned my daughters wedding in 4 weeks (she waited two years to get married as she was waiting until all 3 of her military brothers could be home, and then we had only 4 weeks notice) and I planned my son's wedding without input from either him or his fiance (he was in Iraq, his fiance was in Germany and doesn't speak English)....they did make the big decisions before his deployment but left everything else to my discretion. The most important thing I learned (& learned the hard way) was I should have had a "second in command" for each aspect of the wedding....there should be another "go to" person - other than yourself - when people, vendors, etc have questions and need something day of.

Good luck

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