How to install a font.

A quick video to help you install extra fonts into your computer.
You can find some free ones here at

I know... the zoom went a little crazy. I forgot to turn that part off before I started recording. Sorry!
Post any questions you might have in the comment section.
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Swr4him said…
Kim, I loved hearing your voice.
Betsy said…
Great advice and easy to follow and do. I have heard that fonts take up a lot of space. Is there a way to install them temporarily? If you are not going to use a font again do you just delete it? As always thanks Kim.
Janna said…
Thanks for the video. You are a lot faster at that than I am. I love your accent. When I download fonts, I usually keep mine in a folder that I created (also named "fonts") under "my documents". I don't know if this works in photoshop, but in word and some other programs, if I go to "my documents" and find the font I want in my "fonts" folder there, then double click on that font, it becomes a usable font while I have it opened and unusable when I close it, sort of like temporarily installing it, I guess. The benefit of doing this is that my other fonts folder in my control panel does not have a lot of fonts in it. I have been told (by someone who knows a lot more about computers than I do) that having a lot of fonts in the control panel font folder slows down your computer. It will make it especially slow to boot up when you turn it on too because the computer goes through all of those fonts every time you boot it up. I'm not a computer expert by any means. Those are the instructions I was given by a computer geek friend I have. Thanks again for your helpful video. I love your blog.
kimi kreations said…
Hi girls... the "IT" guy that works on the computers at my office stated that having too many fonts used to be a real issue. But with XP Microsoft fixed that. I have loads and loads. No idea how many. If it takes a few seconds longer for Photoshop to open then so be it. I love having all of those choices at my finger tips. :-)
With that said, I do go into my font folder and clean things out every once in a while. I look at the fonts while using Photoshop and make a list of the ones I know I have never used then go in and delete them.
I have the exact same ones on my desktop and laptop and have never had a problem. So don't be scared of a few fun fonts!!
Janna said…
Thank you, Kimi, for asking your IT guy about fonts. The advice I was given was before XP. It's great to know that Microsoft fixed that problem with XP, because it's such a pain to manage fonts the way I have been managing them. From now on, I'll do mine your way! You have taught me quite a few things with your blog. Thanks for all of the wonderful things you share with us. You are awesome!

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