Do you want to improve your creativity?

Today is day one of "Creativity Boot Camp".
I hope to find the time to participate in some of the activities.
It is free and open to anyone!
Check it out! What a wonderful way to start your summer vacation.

Here is my entry for Ivory. One of my Grandmother's old plates.
It has such wonderful memories for me. You can see she loved it dearly.
It was well used and now sits on display in my living room.
I miss her...

Here is the Flickr site where some of the other entries or posted.



Johnna Riddell said…
Kimi, this is lovely. what a wonderful story too! It's beautiful!
Oooh. Nice submission. Enjoy the class. Tam
Anonymous said…
That is beautifully captured!
Jonni said…
Gorgeous Kimi and I must go check out that blog. Thanks girly!


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