Playin with some new actions

I found this great new blog to follow.
Isabelle Lafrance Photography
I added it to my Google reader immediately!! Super great info with actions for both CS and Elements, to purchase and as freebies.
I tried her freebie called... "In the land of fairies" on my image.
The freebie pack can be found here. But don't just go and download, spend some time and browse around. Lots of wonderful information. Oh and remember to leave her some thank you love...

Kristen and Dustin and a bunch of pink balloons

Happy Weekend!


Iris H said…
Your lovebirds make any action look terrific. Thanks again Kimi for a great referral.
Heidi E. said…
This photo turned out amazing.
Thanks Kimi! She has some great actions! Love your pic too! :)
MamaDuck said…
Wow! I am so glad you mentioned Google Reader...I have been off the web on a serious basis for about 2 years due to family matters, and coming back have been overwhelmed by the wonderful, creative people I want to follow. Was overwhelmed trying to read all my RSS feeds on a regular basis. This was just the ticket. Now you are right there with the same ease as reading email. Great blog, Kimi!
love this image Kimi! The playfulness works really well with the softness of the pink balloons!

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