Before and After Video

I know, I know.... I have neglected my poor blog sinfully!
But anyone that knows me, knows we are on Wedding Countdown.
2 weeks from today, my daughter Kristen will marry the love of her life. So bear with me guys, my crazy life will get back to normal soon.

I have a video for you today. Yes it has been awhile since I posted a video and watching it back, I think I must have said the word "um" at least 100 times. LOL!!!
In the groove, I am not. I know I tend to go too fast and use shortcuts without saying what they are. So if you have questions about something I did. Just post a comment and I will gladly answer. =)

Here is the before shot.

Here is the After image.

Here is the video of the steps I took.

EDIT: I had to change the upload to YouTube, it was too long for Photobucket to handle. It think it plays all the way through now. Let me know if you still have problems.

I miss you guys and hope everyone is well.
Thanks again for being a subscriber!
{{Big Hug}}


Linda said…
Thanks for the video, Kimi. It stopped at 10:00 and cut-off the end.
kimi kreations said…
Sorry Linda. looks like it was too long for Photobucket to handle. I moved it to YouTube, I think it is ok now. Let me know if you have any problems.

regine said…
great video - thanks for sharing
What a treasure-trove of information! Thanks so much, Kimi. I truly appreciate your effort.
Shirley said…
Thank you for sharing your wealth of information to help us improve our photos
kimi kreations said…
Thanks so much for the nice words girls! =)
Rosie Fluegel said…
Well done, Kimi. Thanks for sharing.
I totally dig the blog Kimi!
your images are beautiful and the vids are very helpful!

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