Adding a copyright banner to your picture

Hi Everyone!!!

Well life is getting pretty much back to normal after the wedding.
It took at least a week for my mushy brain to start to return to it's normal functions. LOL!
So, as I look to what my future will be I have a few things in the works.
I have access to a building and I am thinking of opening a Studio. (exciting and scary)
I am also thinking of putting together some Beginner PS Element video classes. I have a site that has agreed to host the classes and it has access to a forum to ask questions and a gallery to post class images. I am just not sure if people would be interested. I would love to know how you learned to edit your images? Are you still learning?
I know, I was lucky enough to find a beginner class when I got my first copy of Elements. If not, I think I would still be fumbling around. I really would love to hear some feedback on this. Opinions, questions, 2 cents???

Now on to the video. I have a friend that sent me an e-mail with a picture attached wanting me to explain to her how to achieve the watermark on the image. So the easiest thing to do was to create a video to explain. I hope you enjoy it!!
EDIT: Rosie was kind enough to share how to make the copyright symbol on a Mac. Option+g

Click on the video to bring you to You-Tube, then look on the bottom right corner, second button over and click on expand. It will make it easier to watch. I thought I recorded bigger than I did. (sorry)

And here are a couple of pictures of Kristen from her Bridal shots.
Photography by Erin Falgout
Thanks so much to everyone for the good wishes!





Jonni said…
Hey sweetie!

First off congrats to K! Hope the wedding was FANTASTIC, but I am sure it was. Second of all, congrats to you on all the exciting things going on. I wish you tons of luck and know you will rock it, girl. :)

Thx for the tutorial too!

Rosie Fluegel said…
Congrats on your daughter's wedding. I hope all went well. The tutorial is great. I have never made a banner like this before. It's nice to learn something new. You asked how we learned PS. Honestly, I just learned Photoshop by getting in there and playing with it. Plus, I spent hours scouring the internet for resources and tutorials. I think if there was one place to go with all the information I would have needed as a beginner, I would have definitely considered that route. It's so nice to watch a video tutorial rather than trying to follow a traditional type of tutorial. I think you are great with your video tutorials. First, I love your Louisiana accent. he,he,he. Second, your pace is perfect. What software do you use to record your screen? It looks and sounds great.
(Oh by the way, on a Mac you can make a copyright symbol by pressing option + g)
Elaine (newtome) said…
Kimi, I have been following and learning from you since the PET site and have learned so much from you and Butch. I think it would be great if you developed an beginner Elements class. Your technique has always been clear and precise.

You go girl!
Jonni said…
Sorry Kimi I forgot to tell you how I learned PS. I had it on my computer for over a year and then finally decided to dive in and I read a lot of online tutorials and taught myself how to use it. Now, I use it every day. I ♥ me some PS!

GT Cindy said…
Thanks Kimi for this tutorial and I look forward to any class you have to offer. Your are my MENTOR!!!
Debra said…
kimi, these are gorgeous pictures of your daughter, the photographer did a beautiful job, but I'm sure it was easy with such a beautiful subject to work with! Thanks for sharing these with us. Congratulations on your daughter's marriage!

Your blog is one of my favorites! Just watched your tutorial on making a watermark banner and I just took an online workshop last week that taught how to make a watermark banner also.

I've had my PSE 7 for 2 years and didn't know how to use it, so I took a couple of online classes, but still barely scratched the surface, until I found the online workshops with tutorials that I'm taking now and I've learned sooo much! Now I can't stay off of PSE and I'm loving editing and using actions. It's changed my whole world and I said all this, to say go for it, your readers will thank you and appreciate you for the help in learning PSE!
bhl said…
Great tutorial....exactly what I was looking are so very good at what you do....THANKS,
The bride and pic's are beautiful...and again THANKS
Londa said…
The photos of your daughter are beautiful...and she is gorgeous. What a proud mother you must be. I have learned photoshop by taking a few online classes and reading the elements magazine. I would love it if you did a class and would definitely sign can never know enough and I love your tutorials. Londa
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the you daughter makes a stunning bride...WOW, she is a beauty!
Michelle said…
Congratulations on your new addition to your family. Your daughter is beautiful and makes stunning bride.
I just watched your tutorial. It was easy to understand and follow. Good job. I'm looking forward to more!
Jana Holden said…
Hi Kimi,
Your daughter is just gorgeous & these photos are stunning! I love the uniqueness of the poses. I hope you'll be sharing more wedding photos! Congratulations to your whole family!
holly said…
Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial. I have often wondered how to do this. I just created one and saved it for future use! Super easy, thanks to you.
Shirley said…
Thanks for the tutorial video-it was great, like all that you offer. I too learned PSE by taking online classes. They were mostly about scrapbooking though; I'm always looking for more info on preparing the photos themselves and have loved (and used) what you offer. Let us know what you decide about offering classes.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful bride!!! I would love it if you would do some online classes. PSE just doesn't seem very easy to use to me and I know it is because of my lack of knowledge. I consider myself a computer literate person - actually I work in an IT dept. but I am just lost when it comes to PSE. I have admired your work for a long time now.
rob mckelvy said…
Oh Wow an actual class on the ins and outs of PSE would be so wonderful. I have spent countless hours going to various individual tutorials. Your website has been the most helpful to me. I would definitely sign up.

Your copyright tutorial was great.
rob mckelvy said…
Oh Wow an actual class on the ins and outs of PSE would be so wonderful. I have spent countless hours going to various individual tutorials. Your website has been the most helpful to me. I would definitely sign up.

Your copyright tutorial was great.
Patti said…
Thank you for showing how to do this copyright. I have been wondering how to do it. I would love to take your classes on Elements. I need to learn so much because on trying to do the copyright i got this little hand on here and could not get it off I could not type or do anything. Somehow i got it off and was able to finish the picture but took me hours to do it because of that little hand . Now it is back on and no idea how to get it off. I am sure it is something simple but I have no clue.LOL
You have a wonderful talent and thanks for sharing it with us
Patti said…
Thanks so much for showing how to do this. Been wondering how now I know. You are very good at showing how to do things. I would love to learn more. I need to learn more of Elements. I had a hard time in getting the little hand off to do things, like type and stuff like that. The little hand will not let me do anything. some how I got it off and was able to do the copyright but now it is back on. Grrr. So as you can see I need to learn a lot.
Rob said…
Congrats on the wedding. Just wait until you have a grandchild. That is so much fun! I want to let you know I love, love, love your blog. I learned a lot of my photo editing here. I have PSE 8, and am waiting for 10 which is due out in Sept. I go to the links you post, and found Jessica Sprague. I think I have learned the most from her. I think I have taken every one of her classes. The next best is Pioneer Woman, then Texas Chicks. I am so thankful for these awesome women, you in cluded, for sharing their picture taking and editing skills. I miss it that you do not blog as much as you use to. Please come back regularly. I loved your Tuesday lessons.

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