Applying textures to your images

I have had lots of people lately still asking about applying textures to their images.
So I give you a video tutorial. =)

Now, I went pretty fast because I knew it was going to be a large video, so watch it a couple of times if you get lost. All of the textures came from Shadowhouse Creations
They are all free but make sure you leave Jerry a big thank you!
If you have any question, leave them in the comment section and I will try to answer them. If you want to learn about running a sketch technique on one of your images, check over at the Photoshop Creative Elements forum. Lots of sketch techniques have been posted there in the past. (check it out)



Jana Holden said…
Excellent tutorial Kimi! I picked up a few tips so thank you! I love seeing what you do to photos! You are so talented & creative! I miss seeing you around JS!
Jill said…
Thanks so much for this tutorial! I picked up a few pointers and can't wait to try them on some of my photos. I enjoy what you do so much and can't wait for the next email! Keep up the good work!
KIMMER said…

Thank you for the tutorial, it was very nicely done, clear, easy to follow.

Also want to thank you for telling us about Shadowhouse Creation awhile back, I am adicted to his textures.

Barb B. said…
Thanks for the excellent tutorial Kimi! I always learn something from your tutorials. Appreciate the time you spent on this.
Rosie Fluegel said…
Great tutorial, Kimi! I always learn something new from you. Thanks.
Debra said…
Oh my goodness Kimi, I love you! This is a great tutorial....I love playing with textures and I tried to follow your steps tonight to see what else I can learn because I've never learned all of the little shortcuts there are for PSE 7 and there are so many more things I need to learn!

I actually picked up on a few things, but was having trouble with them, so tomorrow I will go through the steps again and see what I am doing wrong. I didn't know about the shift/control/E and shift/ctrl/alt/E to merge the layers, so that was cool and in your video you said to hold down shift while you rotate your texture, so it will end up straight...well somehow I only got it to do that once. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong on that, but it sure would save time when I'm trying to get the textures straight. I knew there had to be a trick to it! LOL

I'm a little confused because now I've seen three ways to flatten down layers. First I was taught to create a composite layer and I still don't understand the reasoning behind that, so I don't do it (this shows how ignorant I am about PSE lol) then I was taught to flatten down all the layers and then crop and add a vignette, so this whole merge thing is throwing me for a loop, but looks like it will be easy once I get it down. My problem I had was, when I went to sharpen...for some reason it wouldn't let me change the blend mode. *puzzled*

I did just recently learn to hold down the shift/ctrl/alt/E to add a second action, so I don't have to flatten each time I want to add a new one, so now I know 2 cool tricks with these thank you! I'm sorry this is so long, I'll try to keep it shorter next time. Thank you so much, for the tutorial! :)
Debra said…
I do have one more question for you concerning textures...can I use your merge technique to merge for example 3 different textures and then erase the texture off of the skin all at once? It seems like I heard somewhere that you could do that, but for now I'm erasing the texture off of the skin on each texture layer and it takes so much time.

Ok, one more thing...I've been dying to learn how to erase the texture off of skin, while leaving the color of the texture on the skin. I know it can be done because one time I ran across a tutorial on it, but it was for the "big dog" photoshop and I only have PSE 7, so I couldn't follow along. Do you know of any tuturials out there that would teach me how to do that in PSE 7? Sometimes, I love the color of the texture on the skin and when I use the eraser tool to erase it off...then the original skin color doesn't blend with the color of the texture and looks awful, so then I have to try and change the skintone, so it will work and I still struggle with getting skintone right, as it is. LOL

I could spend hours just going through your blog and learning....I love it! Do you allow people to link back to your blog, for instance if I were to learn something from you and add your link in my blog post about it? I like to ask permission first and if you'd rather me not...just say so and I promise I won't! :)

Ok, so now off to browse through your blog one last time before I go to bed, in hopes to find some gold mine that you might have, on the best way to get rid of really bad acne. Just took some senior pics and after using the clone stamp and a smoothing action, her skin is still lumpy where the acne was all clustered together. UGH!!!

I'm loving learning to edit, but I have to say the most frustrating thing I've run across, is acne! Someone just told me on facebook to try the healing brush, so that's one more tool I have to learn to use. It never ends huh? At this rate, I'll be learning until I'm 86...that's only 40 more years, so I'd better hurry up. LOL
Debra said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Debra said…
I'm sorry Kimi, I accidentally posted a comment twice because I didn't think it went through, so I deleted one of them. Oops! I think I need to get some sleep. LOL
kimi kreations said…
Thanks everyone for the kind words. I was starting to think, I was posting and no one was reading? LOL!

Debra.... on the question about holding down the shift key when you rotate? You need to do this in CS but in Elements you need to hold the shift key when you don't want to constrain proportions. They are the opposite.

About the textures. a great way to keep the color but get rid of the texure on the faces is... use your lasso to draw a selection around the face and arms, feather and then use a gass blur on each layer. This way you keep the color but get rid of the grungy parts. =)

Hope this helped.
Anonymous said…
Thanks a bunch, Kimi! I used your copyright tutorial, too. Good luck with your studio project!
Debra said…
Thanks so much for the help Kimi, I appreciate it more than you know! I am going to add your blog to my favorites on my new iphone, so I can surf through your blog in bed at night when I can't sleep, plus that way I can check it out every day, even when I'm not at my computer. Waaa hoo! You're awesome! :)
Sabrina said…
Thanks very much!
Quick question -- is there a way to scroll through the filter effects results using PSE? Is it the same?
kimi kreations said…
Hi Sabrina

no, there is no way to scroll the filter effects in PSE or CS.

You can scroll your blend modes and your fonts. =)
Peggy said…
Thank you for this tutorial Kimi! I so appreciate this.
xxx Peggy
Jonni said…
Hey Kimi,

I am missing you! Hope you come back soon. I know this time of year can be crazy busy. Hope you guys are doing well.

Louisiana Belle said…
Kimi, I just wanted you to know that your tutorial on sharpening around the bee helped me tremendously. Hope you return soon to give us more cool tips!
Iris said…
Kimi's back with another great tut. Thanks so much. I always learn something creative new and practical that I hope that even I can do every time I check in with your blog.

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