I'm still here!

Hi everyone!!!
Yes, I am still alive. LOL!!
Don't you just hate it when life gets in the way. I had to take on a second job and my time has been so very limited. Please know... I miss you all. (heart hug)
I had to do something for myself. I was starting to feel so very unhappy. I decided it was up to me to find my bliss. I went searching and Jessica was offering a new class. Just what I needed!! sigh... No, I am still not finished with all of the lessons but I had such a great time and learned so very much. Anyway, I was inspired to create a few papers and of course I had to share.
So I have for you today... 3 damask papers. Here is a sample.

Click here to download. Enjoy!

And since my camera also keeps me sane, I have to share of few of my latest images...




I promise to check back in soon!


Jonni said…

So glad to see you are back. I can imagine how busy you have been with a 2nd job on top of all the other responsibilities you have. I ♥ Jessica's classes. So glad you got to do something for yourself and thanks you for the gorgeous paper and your images are lovely! take care sweetie and talk to you soon.

Julie Culp said…
It was fun taking the JS class with you. You are quite the inspiration. I love your eye for detail and how you make the lesson layouts with your special touch.

Thank you for the beautiful paper. I can't wait till we can take another class :)

Debra said…
Kimi, Yay...you're back! I was just thinking about you a couple of days ago, wondering how you are doing, since I haven't seen you around in awhile. I know what you mean about life getting in the way of keeping up on the blog.

So happy you did something for yourself and took a class....your photos are gorgeous as always! Thank you SO MUCH for the beautiful papers! YOU ROCK!
Anonymous said…
Thank you, thank you for the beautiful paper. Glad to see you back!
Karen said…
Thanks for the papers, Kimi!! Love your photos, the one of the barn really took my eye!!
kimi kreations said…
Jonni.... I hope you and your wonderful family are doing well?!

Julie, class was great. Let me know if you find another... I'll be there. See you on our forum.

Debra, so nice to hear from you also!

Thanks for the love girls!! It makes sharing all the more fun!
kimi kreations said…
Your welcome Karen. I just love the barn. It is really just a facade. The back is completely gone. Perfect cloud day for a picture.
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad you're back. I enjoyed seeing the LO's you did in Jess' class. I really enjoy seeing the images you work on. The one of the old car is one of my favorites! Thank you for your tutorials and also thank you for the papers!
Sabrina said…
Jessica's class was so much fun! I'm still finishing the lessons, too. I really enjoyed the layouts you did for class, too. You have such a great eye for putting things together!
Heather said…
Hey Kimi, good to see you back!
sherry said…
I'm so glad you are back. I really miss seeing your beautiful photos, and all the things you do to them. You give me inspiration.
I'm also happy you have found something to make you happy, I wholeheartly understand. Take care of yourself and thanks for the beautiful paper.
Joanie said…
As always, these are wonderful and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your great talents!
BTW your photos are over the top!
Rosie Fluegel said…
So good to see you back. Love the pics and the paper looks lovely.Thanks you!
Jana Holden said…
So glad you're blogging again Kimi! It was great being in a class together again! We had so much fun and learned so many new tricks! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous damask paper! (((HUGS)))
Rob said…
Kimi, I was glad to see you in the Digi: in deeper class. I am a fan of yours, and have been missing you in your blog. I hope you will post again regularly. Thank you for the papers. And I love your work. My aspiration is to be as good as you. I am robmck in the digi class.
latz said…
Thanks Kimi. Beautiful papers!

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