Pointing you to some freebies

A couple of wonderful finds that I have come across recently.
I am loving it more than I can say... Coffee Shops Velvet Cream Action.
I find myself using it on almost every image lately. So easy to tweak to your liking!
Dig around on her site. Add her to your Google Reader!! A Must!
Another wonderful share is Jessica Drossin's free Autumn texture.

I have a friend that loaned me his 200mm macro lens yesterday to play with.
Here is one of the first images I have taken with it.

I used the Coffee Shop Velvet Cream Action and added Jessica's texture.
Run and get them now. And... don't forget to leave them a Thank You!



Kim said…
Beautiful shot Kimi. The action and texture are awesome too. Thanks for the links.
kimi kreations said…
You are welcome Kim. Enjoy! =)
hootnonny said…
Do you have a photographic page for FB? I want to like you!
kimi kreations said…
(what a cool name)
No I don't have a business page. I do have the link to my friend page on the blog. You can always be my friend. =)
Bonnie said…
i live in Oklahoma and am getting ready to get myself a new camera. I LOVE LOVE LOVE you photo's and i was wondering what Nikon you shot with as it takes awesome photo's!! Thank You
kimi kreations said…
Hi Bonnie...
I shoot with pretty old Nikon D80.
Once you get the basics down on your camera, you don't need a pro camera. You just need to know how to work the one you have. You also need some knowledge of how to edit. That makes all of the difference.
Good Luck to you and thanks for stopping by my blog.


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