A free textrure for you today!

Hi Everyone... Yes, I am still here. My creativity is still alive and well!
Not long ago, hubby and I snuck off for a weekend alone. I of course was playing with the camera on my iphone on one of our walks. So today I share with you one of the images I took. A perfectly good texture.
Taken with my Hipstamatic App. :0)


You can download HERE. Enjoy!!
One of the things I have been doing lately with my textures is this. Select a midtone color from the texture with your eye dropper tool. Select a soft brush and reduce the opacity of the texture a bit to see your subject underneath. (do this while you are still in normal mode) Paint directly on the texture with the selected color. This will keep the texture tone but get rid of the grungy bits on your focal point. Raise your opacity back up and finish the brushing. Now change your blend mode to soft light.
Easy Peazy!!

{hugs to everyone}

P. S. I did not include a TOU but you know the drill. Don't sell it as your own.


Jonni said…
It's great to see you are back Kimi. Congrats on your wonderful new job and it sounds like it is working out beautifully. I hope you have an awesome Memorial Day and thank you so much for the awesome texture. I love the editing tip too. :)

Bayla said…
Good to see you back. Thanks for the texture as well as the tip - I just tried it out - Great idea!

Good luck with the new job!
bhl said…
Welcome back....and Thanks very much for the texture....Have a wonderful Memorial Day!
Joanie said…
So pretty Kimi! Than you so much for sharing.
catasmith said…
Thanks for the texture !! But ya do know that there is sooooooo many fun apps out there that you don't have to lose a beat being busy. Snap and play with your phone every free moment you get. Try instagram for one. So many trendy current photoshop action/lightroom preset looking filters to play with on your photos then post them easily and quickly to the forum and everyone will drool over them. Phones take great fine art pics too. just a heads up to keep ya' creative in a pinch. lol
kimi kreations said…
catasmith... I am already on Instagram. =) Just started working on getting things set up. You can find me if you like.

oh, and let me know if you know of some cool processing apps. My latest love is "pudding camera".
ladybug said…
Kimi thank you for sharing the neat texture.
Sabrina said…
Thanks so much for the yummy texture!
Anonymous said…
Kimi- Hope you are enjoying your new profession- at least you were able to jump into something else.My friend is still plugging away but it's not easy. The texture is great and thank you for the how-to's.
Swr4him said…
Kim, I have so missed you but understand. I, too, have been involved in other things and know how involved we can get. I have my grandson now and life is definitely different but thankful to God for allowing him to be a part of His plan for my life. Blessings to you and yours.
Suzanne said…
Thanks for the great texture, Kimi. I've missed your posts.
Debra said…
Congratulations on your new job it sounds like a wonderful avenue for you to use your creativity! You have been missed, but I can relate...life has been too busy for me to keep up on my blog like I would like. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your texture with us, it looks awesome! :)
Rosie Fluegel said…
Thanks, Kimi! Great tip. I wish I lived a bit closer, so I could visit that funky furniture store. You know how photogs love funky furniture. LOL.
regularman said…
Thanks Kimi! Good to see you around a bit again. Glad you found a gig that lets you use your creativity a bit!

Rob said…
Kimi...I hope you stay around and can post more regularly. I love your blog...one of the ones I check everyday. Stay connected. I appreciate you, your work and your tutorials. I learn so much.

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