So everyone has their own interpretation of what ART is.
As photographers, we tend to fall into 2 categories. The minimalist. (a person who tends to stay true to his image)
For the sake of discussion, we will call the other... the "non" minimalist. :0)
Now I will gladly say, I am certainly a "non" minimalist!

I wanted to share one of my latest images with you. It is a picture of my daughter Holly. I saw an image by another photographer and wanted to try and capture something close. I love how the image came out. It truly does represent Holly. She is not the smiley happy kid. At 20 she has grown into her own person, she is deep and focused.

I used a simple Gradient Map to change the image to black and white.
I used the spot healing brush to tidy up her face.
I added a texture that had a brownish tone. I duplicated the texture so I had two layers. On the bottom layer I changed the blend mode to softlight. The layer that was above it was left on normal mode and bits of it were masked away using a layer mask.
I wanted the darker side darker, so one side of her face was darken using the burn tool. I had her leaning against a window frame. Truthfully my shutter was slow and I had to sharpen her face to get the image to work.
So.... go forth and look around. Find an image you like and try master the effect. It will push you to new levels.

I give you Holly as Art?!
You decide.....

As a side note, this image was picked as Pioneer Woman's 1st place in one of her black & white competitions. I must not be the only one that got it! I jumped for joy!!! YAY!


{hugs to everyone}


Jonni said…
Hey Kimi! Gorgeous as always. I love how you captured Holly. She is such a beautiful girl. Nice job on the conversion and I think it is definitely art. Thanks for sharing and hope you and your family are well. :)

janel said…
Totally breathtaking. I would consider it a treasure in time. Thanks for sharing your love.
Marsha said…
I think it has the feel or quality of an old time movie star. Pretty girl! I like it and would love to have photos/art of my daughters / granddaughters with that look.
I love what you did here. The portrait is beautiful. I'm in a rut with photography right now, so this has been very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your technique!
EBPitcher said…
Congrats on winning PW's photo assignment! It really is a stunning photo!
Rosie Fluegel said…
Yay! I saw you won the PW assignment, Kimi. Way to go!
latz said…
Just had to pass on my congratulations on the PW with this beautiful art photograph!
De Madera said…
Thanks so much girls!! <3

I am so very honored to have been selected as the winner. Now I know what they mean by "speachless". I sat there staring at the computer, but I could not believe what I was seeing. LOL!

The fact that you came here to wish me good thoughts means the world to me!!
De Madera said…
Sorry for the name change. I have a blog for work and forgot to log into the correct one.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hey there. I just happened upon your blog today& feel compelled to say hello & let you know that I LOVE your stuff. Very cool. Happy to be a new follower & liker of your blog :]

Peace, K.

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