Snowflake Paper

Is there anybody out there?

Hi guys, yep I am still around!! Life just got in the way of my poor neglected blog.
I was looking for a paper to use on our Christmas Cards and couldn't find what I was after, so I made my own.
Then thought.... Let's Share!! :-)

So for everyone that hasn't given up on me, here you go.


Download here
kimi_Snow Paper
Normal Terms Of Use Apply. You May Not Sell It As Your Own.

I miss you all! {hugs}


Sunny Archibald said…
Thanks, Kimi. I haven't scrapped for a couple of years, but I'll never stop collecting papers. Can't wait to see more pictures of Miss Abigail and her mommy. They're both so beautiful!
De Madera said…
You are Welcome Sunny. I know, my scrapping had gone by the way side also. But I do still love designing. I need to post a picture of Abby here. We sure are happy to have her! Hope you are doing well. Enjoy the holidays!
Barbara said…
Thank you Kim, always love your stuff whenever you post. I would love to see how you used this for sure. Happy Holidays to you and your family.
Tim and Kara said…
Thanks so much, Kimi. This will be a nice addition to a layout for Christmas.
Bayla said…
Thanks Kimi. Always love your papers! Great to 'see' you again!!
De Madera said…
Sorry guys... I started a blog for work and now my id shows as DeMadera.
Jonni said…
Just gorgeous Kim! Please don't feel bad, you have a ton of things happening in your life right now and I have to say, Abilgail is just the most precious grandbaby! Congrats and thank you for the lovely paper you talented lady. XOXO
Mimi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Toni said…
Thanks Kimi. I always love and enjoy your work. Looking forward to using it on a scrapbook page.
Magnolia said…
Beautiful, Kimi! Thank you so much for sharing.
♥ Amy ♥ said…
Thank you, Kimi. I've missed your posts. You always have such awesome stuff!
Hi Kimi,

Thank you for this paper, sure glad to know that you are ok.

Rob said…
Oh, Kimi, I am so glad you are back. Thanks so much for the paper. I have missed you. Merry Christmas.

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