A Creative Share Site :)

Hi everyone....

I stumbled across this new site. They are trying to create a market place kind of like Etsty but for creative items that were made by a mouse. It should be a fun place to find cool and interesting things.

It is called "Creative Market" handcrafted, mousemade.
New market site where you can sell and buy, fonts, brushes etc, Early members, who join, get some freebies, and if you use this link, I get some credits too :)

Click on the link below to join.

If you join... don't forget to click on the freebie tab, and choose some goodies.
The freebies are only available until the site goes public. So if you are interested, you would need to sign up soon. =)



Jonni said…
Awesome looking site Kimi. Thank you, I am going to peruse it more tonight. :)

Jonni said…
I just saw that they are not open yet. Sorry, I missed when you said that. but I am certainly signing up! Thanks. :)
Jonni said…
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Jonni said…
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