Time to come home....

Things have been crazy busy... but I have decided that I need to take the time, to do the things that make me happy. That means coming back to my blog and making goodies to give away or helping you learn to edit your pictures a little better! 

Things are going to change as I go along. The design may change, ads will be added to help you find the goodies you are searching for out there in cyber space. (maybe goodies you didn't even know you needed)

I will ramble on about my work, personal life, etc.
And.... freebies will be given freely with lots of love. So, I encourage you to sign up, follow along so you don't miss anything. I am thinking of putting a deadline on freebies, such as it being available for download only for 48 hours. Subscribe so you don't miss anything!

Here is a sample of some of the first things that will be given away.
A cool chevron paper and the black bits or a brush set that I am working on. If you look on the paper, you see little flowers and dots, those are included in the brush set with lots of others. I have so many at this point... I will probably break it into 2 sets.

Everything should start rolling out in the next few days! =)

Time for me to come home.... I've been missing you!


Barb B. said…
And we've missed you....you're so good at what you do! Always enjoyed reading your blog and viewing your work.
kimi kreations said…
Awww.... thanks so much Barb. :0}
cathy said…
missed you Kimi! glad you are back!
GT Cindy said…
I love your work, hearing your stories and being inspired by you in my crazy busy life. You encourage me to take time for myself. Thrilled to have you back!
kimi kreations said…
Thanks Cathy and Cindy. Worked on Chevron Papers today... should have them posted tomorrow.

Julie Benton said…
I used to follow Kimi way back when and now I trying to find your blog, but these entries of 2013 are the latest I can find. Are you still around???

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