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Hi everyone... every month the camera club I belong to has a Motivational Theme. A word is given out and we are encouraged to pick up our camera and submit an image that we think fits the theme word. I have been in charge of this for the last couple of years and am letting it go. Next year someone else will take over. So, to give our club the "big send off" I let them know the November theme word was brown. I also provided them with this four image template to fill. This way they have 2 months to look for picture to use. meanwhile.... I have been having such fun with it, I thought I would share with everyone. You can download here. 
(remember, the download will only be active for 48 hours)

Here are directions on how to use a clipping mask: This will work in both Photoshop and Elements.

From the bottom layer going up....
You will have your background color, in this case it is white.
Your clipping mask is the black rectangle. (there are 4, they are labeled)
Your image goes on top of the rectangle layer you want to use there.
Once you group your image with the proper clipping mask, you can resize as needed.

Ctrl T is your shortcut to resize. In Photoshop you will hold down the shift key when resizing to keep your proportions correct.

You can clip your image and mask together a couple of ways.
Highlight your image layer. Hold down the alt key and click on the line between the image layer and the mask. Find that difficult? Go to Layer, Group with Previous. (top tool bar)
Or the shortcut is, make sure your picture layer is highlighted and hit Alt Ctrl G
After your image is clipped, you can move it around or resize it as you like.

I have a photo example of what the layers should look like once they are grouped together here. 

Here are two examples that I made recently. My sweet little Abby.
Grand-babies are why God made children. 

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Not sure if anyone is getting these are not. Please let me know? 

~kimi~ Or as Abby calls me, Lolli


Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vicki said…
Thank you so much Kimi. I absolutely love your examples. Abby is a gorgeous little girl and you are right as to why God created children. Grandchildren are a grandmother's reward.
belle007 said…
Beautiful collages. Thanks very much for sharing your template.
Anonymous said…
Thanks, Kim!! Can't wait to use it! Cindy

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