FREE Chevron Papers

Hi everyone, Welcome to kimi kreations!!!! If you are one of my old and dear friends that used to stop by for freebies or photo tips.... I am glad to see you! If you are new, WELCOME!

Here are the first of many freebies to come.
This is what I am going to do, I am going to offer the freebies for 48 hours, after that I will have them for sale in my old an neglected shop that I am going to reopen. The point here is getting people to subscribe so they are getting the freebies!! So make sure you subscribe. :-)

My "terms of use" are as follows:
You may use them for Personal and Commercial use. As long as the commercial use is not reselling them. If you make a card for a client. That is fine. You may not RESELL them.

You get seven Chevron Papers. All are 12x12 at 300 dpi.
What I ask in return is... share this with your friends, on forums, on Facebook, anywhere you think someone might be interested. Also, let me know what you like, give me hints for things to make and let me know which paper you think will work best for you so I know which direction to keep going.

You can download (sorry time is up, subscribe so you don't miss out)


Now get out there and spread the word!!


Rosie Fluegel said…
Awesome! I'm still around and love that you have come back around, especially with your awesome goodies. Thanks!!!!!
mjrooney said…
We've missed you!!Although I can see your bust from your Instagram pictures!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing!
Suzanne said…
Beautiful chevrons! I've missed you and the neat freebies you do!
Bayla said…
Thanks Kimi! Great to see you back, still your same generous (& extremely creative)self. Gorgeous papers, looking forward to adding to the 'Kimi Kreations' folder on my computer.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much, glad you're back! :)
Binky said…
Welcome back Kimi! The chevrons are gorgeous. Thank you.

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