Freebie Brush Set

Hi everyone....

I took a brush class at a little while back. I always meant to make a brush set to share and am finally getting there. So here is a little brush set that I made. It is mostly arrows but, I did throw a few odds and ends in there with it. I hope you enjoy! If you have not taken a class there, you should really check it out. There is something to fit just about anyone's needs. From scrapbooking to editing to photography. It is a site I highly recommend!!

Here is a copy of what some of them look like.

I threw the paper in also as a goodie. :~)
You can download here. (this download will be available for 48 hours only)
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janel said…
Wonderful...just love this set. Thank you so much for sharing your talents.
Unknown said…
Thank you so much, Kimi. It's good to see you again.
mjrooney said…
Thank you so much-love your work.
Anna said…
Thanks so much for sharing! Jessica Sprague classes are fantastic, just wish I had the $ to attend all the classes I'd like to.
Rob said…
Kimi…so very glad you are back. Just on a whim, I checked your blog and was so happy to see it active again. Your granddaughters are so lovely. They look like their mom. What great models they will make. Thank you for sharing again. I missed you a lot.

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