Making "ART" with your phone

I am taking this really supremely cool class for iPhone photography!! It is all in video format and self paced. The only downside I have found is there is very little interaction with the others in the class. It works by posting your pics to your flickr account and yes, some people comment. I have found some of my internet friends there that was a happy surprise! So if you are into ART and are looking to take your pics to a different level. Lots of what is learned there can be easily transferred to your editing skills.

Here is the link to the class.

Here are my first 3 pics.

learning new things... ~kimi~


And... this is only up to lesson #4. Can't wait to learn how to add two images together to get a double exposure look.
~Happy Sunday!!!


Unknown said…
Looking good, Kimi!

Anonymous said…
It helps hat you have an amazing eye for taking beautiful pictures!
Tim and Kara said…
Kimi, this is one of the very few disappointments I have with my Android phone. In the meantime, I will stick with Snapseed and push it as far as it will take me. Love your images!!!
Karla Pitts said…
Kara, I hear you. It is for this reason that I bought a used iPhone 4 solely for photography. Connected via wifi, it let's me take advantage of iPhone classes and apps. Love my Android for everything else.
kimi kreations said…
I use Snapseed as one of my go to apps, also Distressed FX. They were supposed to make it available to Android phones. You may want to check.

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