Wild Gradient Art!

Today we are going to make a quick and easy piece of Art.

Open a new document.
Select your gradient tool.
Choose the Chrome gradient color.
Set your blend mode to difference on the top tool bar and pick the liner gradient.
Draw at least 6 lines or until you like it.
Then pick the radial gradient and make some small lines for the circles.

All of this is done on your original background layer.
Hope you had fun!

Here or some more examples:

If you would like to post a copy of your Art to share, you can post it here.


Jackie said…
Wow Kim that is incredible.....
kimi kreations said…
Hi Jackie... I do hope you give it a try. It is a blast!
Quinceyface said…
I love this and thanks for sharing. You are so talented. I went over to the web site and searched and searched for the tutorial so I could try it but I cannot for the life of me locate it. can you direct me with a direct link? Thanks..Deanna
kimi kreations said…
the tutorial is in the post. :)
there is also a link in the post to the thread where I used this as a homework assignment if you want to look at the images the others made.

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